ICPC kolkata ranklist (some doubt)

In this list it is written “Tentative List of Selected Teams”.One of my friend has their team name there but they are not sure whether they should make the payment or not (as the last date of the payment is 18th). So, can someone suggest what to do?

i guess its tentative because some of the teams are still in waiting list…if the team present in selected list fail to pay on time teams from waiting list will be selected,thus the list will be updated!

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So, is it okay to make the payment?

if u r selected u can make payment!

see--------In case a Selected Team fails to deposit the registration fee by November 18, 2018 (05:00 PM IST), it will be considered as denial to participate in Kolkata-Kanpur Onsite Round and chance will be given to the next team from the Wait List.

why downvote? If you feel this question irrevelant then u can simply ignore this(as this is not a stupid query for them).