ICPC Pune/Gwalior college unique team ranklist (not final)

Though the selection criteria is not yet out for gwalior/pune region, if we take top teams with a cap of 1 team per institute, this is the ranklist.

Note: 2 teams with exact same name might cause bugs


@rituraj22 the top rank in MBM Engineering College is of team “Heuristic 3A’s” not “Now you see me”

For some reason, the ’ between A and s is missing. I had to manually fix that. Updated the ranklist!

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My expected rank in Gwalior is 212, what are the chances of my selection?

what are total number of slots for pune gwalior site?
my expected rank for pune gwalior is 152…what are my chances?

Total seats are 125…so chances are that you may not be selected.

Total seats are 125. I think, less chances

Did you fetch from all pages of the list from the Baylor Site? Our team name isn’t there

I did fetch from baylor site and the team “BinarySearchLagega” is present in the list. The criteria I used to generate the result is that I took top team from each institution, and thus your team couldn’t make in the list. In case you want to see overall ranklist, here you go: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W5D0zwSgxqt7-WV1fDtOKALDcRJNdivI5Uh4QK-jgww/edit?usp=sharing