ICPC Regionals 2019 Practice Problem "Game of ORs" Not Available

I was trying the ICPC Asia Regionals 2019 (link). I found it quite odd that the 5th problem- “Game of ORs”, although visible, is not available for submission/practice. When I try to open it directly from practice (link), it says “ATTENTION: Problem is not visible now. Please try again later.”

This feels like a bummer because I wanted to test out my solution but couldn’t find this problem anywhere on the internet apart from here on codechef and over here, out of all 8 problems, only this one is not available for submission for some weird reason.

I request the codechef admins to look into this, and I ask if anyone else knows where I can find an OJ for the problem (I tried https://icpcarchive.ecs.baylor.edu/ but it only has up to 2017 regionals unfortunately)

The problem’s intended solution was wrong and it was later shown that the problem is NP Hard so no answer exists for the constraints.

Edit: I can’t find the post with the proof for its NP Hard nature but I’m pretty someone reduced the bin packing problem to SUMOR, thereby showing it was NP hard.