ICPC Regionals - Amritapuri - Coding Environment

Does anybody know what the coding environment will be like for the ICPC Amritapuri regionals? Specifically, what OS, what editor (sublime text? vim?)? And what versions of each compiler?


Mostly Linux. We used Linux in Pune regional last time.
I think all most commonly used offline ide’s were provided.
Internet won’t be available.
Also you can use Codechef ide obviously for regionals having onsite contest on Codechef.
For amritapuri idk if any online ide will be available or not ( because it will be on codefores afaik)
Basically there is one practice session one day before contest. You can check OS, version, ideone, printer etc on that day.
You can ask them if anything is missing or not working properly.
Obviously you won’t be allotted same PC next day. But someone else would have tested the PC for you.
You can also ask them if anything is not working on contest day as well. I think they allow entry 30-60 mins early as far as I remember.

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t like Codeforces ide :disappointed:

Last time in Amritapuri, they allowed to use offline IDEs which will be preinstalled on your system and codechef IDE. This year, they are holding contest on codeforces, so things might change a bit.

Codeforces has its own ide too you know. :smile:

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Yeah but that doesn’t mean they will allow us to use it :stuck_out_tongue:
Also I don’t use it.