I guess the best solution to resolve the issue of this question will be to make this problem approximate and give marks relatively to make it fair for all those who tried all the different approaches and rejudge the solutions accordingly. @admin @vijju123 @aryanc403 @megatron10 @babangain ?


Also, to make amritapuri merit based to account for lost time and demotivation during the round!


But it wouldnt take the fact that there were teams who didnt solve it as some of their team mates came with corner case :frowning: . If there is an approximate solution it must not be in the problem set. Also anyone solving randomly will get correct answer or at least partial points which is even more wrong.


That’s a good idea.
It seems to be least harmful among available options

Not valid. Those who found that the naive greedy idea is wrong didn’t submit. Algorithmically the more sound teams would be losing out just because they were smart enough to know what is definitely not right!

As far as I know, approximate algorithms/problems aren’t asked at ICPC. It is supposed to be deterministic and precise.

Moreover I don’t think the authorities actually care. I’m not sure what they are upto. I have nothing to contribute to this topic as clearly our opinions don’t matter. Seemingly they don’t care enough to set a proper question set in a year or accept their mistakes. IDK what they are doing :man_shrugging:. Any discussion on this topic without any involvement of authorities is a futile waste of time.