IDE says wrong though my code gives right output

I have written a code in JUNE LTIME 2019 challenge for problem PAJAPONG. It gives right output but then also, my result says it is WA. I can’t post it here due to contest currently running. An anyone help me?

Same here …the code is running and giving exact correct answer in my IDLE but WA in codechef IDLS

See passing the sample test cases given below the problem doesn’t assure the correctness of your code. There are several other test cases in the database that are checked, once you submit a code. So may be your code is failing to pass certain corner cases.

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Your IDE will give output for only the inputs you provide, but not the certain specific inputs or test cases for which it may go wrong.

Have you solved this problem …?

Yes, I did. And there is no issue with the problem or IDE.