IDENTTREES - Editorial

Prerequisites: Binary tree, BT traversal. .

Problem: Given two undirected binary trees T1 and T2, check if they are the identical or not.

Two binary trees are considered identical if they are structurally the same, and the nodes have the same value.

Solution Approach: The problem can be solved using a recursive approach to check if two binary trees are identical. The primary idea is to compare the nodes of both trees at each level, ensuring that they have the same structure and values.


    1. Implement a recursive function isSameTree() that checks if two nodes are identical.
      • If both nodes are NULL, they are identical (base case).
      • If only one of the nodes is NULL, they are not identical.
      • If both nodes have values equal and their left and right subtrees are also identical, return true.
      • Otherwise, return false.
    1. In the main function isIdenticalTrees(), call isSameTree() with the roots of the two trees.
    1. Print “YES” if the trees are identical and “NO” otherwise.