Ideone stopped, I am so happy

Ideone is not working since last 3 days. I am feeling so happy that, now atleast the cases of theft of codes will reduce to some extent. Hope it would not load for the next 2 years lol, then people will learn to code atleast.


I guess then there’s some problem with your account xp ,cause mine is working fine.
PS: Although I don’t code on ideone and use PC compiler instead.

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Ide is working fine. Check the recent codes tab, it shows “Temporarily unavailable”

why to some extent? It was only method to cheat, ignoring copying friend’s code. wasn’t it?

you feel so happy that you made new account just to express it?


well, there actually are many whatsapp and telegram groups and people also share screen recording on youtube.

Hey @admin & other user, can you please give me a good reason why this thread is still active.

Well, I think this is good. Atleast copying fron ideone is prevented now🙂

Yep, this thread make no sense, most threads on discuss are just repetitive.
To control the quality of this forum, unrated users shouldn’t be allowed to comment, and a downvote feature should be introduced.

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doesn’t make sense. People will create multiple account solve one question from each and then get ratings. After that they will spam. Those who just joined and don’t have any idea about contest will remain confused how to do things, because your system doesn’t allow them to ask.

Downvoting system is crap. Many people will just downvote low rated users query just for fun. So current system is good. If you don’t like any post just ignore it, If any post is against rule just flag it.

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Very true…
Completely agree

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Ooh, never knew that. There are some really wicked people out there.

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