IEM82020 (-_-)

Ok…who else was unable to solve a single problem? @sumanta1009 please bring out editorials soon if possible… : /
I tried the first two questions but got WA in one, and couldn’t even pass sample test cases (>o_o)>

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Thank you for your participation and comment. We can assure you that all the test cases were verified. We will publish the editorial very soon. There you can find the test cases. Also the question 1 (IEMCO01) was explained more in the announcement section during the examination. You can find it there. And we regret for being unable to reply all during the contest because of a huge number of comments within the small 3 hours time span.

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Man, I submitted only 1 question and came third. I would say that not a very good setting if I am coming 3rd in codeChef contest :rofl:

thank you very much!

: / didn’t check there : (