If I was Admin, then

If I was admin then.

  1. I would change rules and ask for social id to register on platform

  2. Would create a system for companies to get actual performance from the codechef enterprise page, where they can see in clear your past performance / cheats(Nobody likes them).

  3. Would maintain 2 ratings. One for you too see, others for companies to see. (You see what i did there)

  4. Never recommend you to company hiring from codechef challenges once you caught on multiple plags (Don’t worry you will never know, as the ratings you see are not real and codechef doesn’t communicate what they did with your resumes)

  5. Final drop your ratings randomly during interview season by 4000 points in the least and special cheated in so many contest pages on your account page.

some of these things are stupid. But some are good so take note
Also atleast ban the fake id guy i sent on help@codechef.com


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thats why you are not admin :joy:


You’re suspended for leaking solutions. The hypocrisy :joy:


Ethically , CP is not done for placements although now the tables have turned . And if CC implemented these secret rating system then I think the participants will decrease with a huge percentage .

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yeah. But I guess they reported it to admin on themselves. Thats how admin got to close their account. By sounding (or atleast trying to sound ) smart and op you guys are promoting real cheaters as whistle blowers now looked down upon. Also this guy seems to solved all 7 problems on his own and then leaked it after already reporting admin via help@codechef.com. So just because action was taken against him dont try to sound funny. Know your place first. Thanks