IGNORE Codechef's upcomming Contests!

Enough is enough!!!
It has been about a year the admin is taking no action against plagiarism .
They are busy with conducting seminars with IOI medallists, giving goodies , amazon giftcard etc
The best thing we can do is to ignore these contests as much as possible. Thats the only way left. I think if no one participates in their contests (except these cheaters) they would be bound to take some action.
Hence, I request everyone to please don’t give upcoming Codechef contests…

BTW, there are a bunch of students from our college who jumped to 1700 in just a couple of months (you know how )and they are flexing about it in the college groups. They don’t even know how a switch case works in c++ and they started considering themselves as great competitive programmers :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

PS: (to the admin) For about a month , codechef is tweeting #itscommingback on twitter for the upcoming SnackDown 2021. Also i think there was some kind of contest u organized to guess the correct name for a t-shirt as a prize. You see, no one tweeted or promoted it. I think no one interested except the highly rated ones :upside_down_face:


1.) CodeChef must do something regarding plagiarism.
2.) You must not be worried about some X cheater flexing about some Y rating in some Z class group. Such stupid people will always be there. You must focus on your skills. You will be better if you work hard and smart. No cheater will affect your rating and knowledge.
In short Focus on yourself


Entire concept of hosting these contests doesn’t make sense if i had to just focus on myself , I want to see genuinely where i stand among top coders of the world.
In yesterday’s starters i can openly say more than half of the submissions of Magical Flips are made by cheaters . It is such a setback for coders like us who are putting their best efforts for straight 2.5 hrs .
Though I am relieved a liitle after knowing that solution was shared publicly in last 20 mins, so i didn’t performed that bad , but still i cannot track my improvement from last month .Because of these cheaters , when new ones start cp they loose confidence.



by the way who flexes on 1700…i personally feel so newbie-ish. :unamused:


Well tbh even I don’t remember how switch works lol


same bro :joy:

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lol :joy: