I'm writing to that I'm wrongly penalized in codechef starters 104D

Subject: Request for Review of CodeChef Penalty - Health-Related Delay and Involvement in Telegram Group (Santa Choc) Problem)

Dear CodeChef Support Team,I hope this message finds you well. My name is Gnana Prakash, and my CodeChef username is gnanaprakash_1. I am writing to request a review of the penalty I received during the recent START104D competition.During the contest, I encountered difficulties with the “Santa and Chocolates (Santa Choc)” problem. Approximately 15 days ago, I received a notification from a Telegram channel. Inadvertently, I discovered a solution for the “Santa Choc” problem in C++. I am primarily a C user, and to enhance my understanding of the problem and compete more effectively, I made modifications to adapt the C++ solution into C code.

To my surprise, I found that the solution was publicly available in the Telegram group. As evidence, I am prepared to attach screenshots of this discovery to support my case.

Around 10 days ago, I faced a serious health setback when I contracted malaria, which affected me both physically and mentally. This ailment prevented me from actively participating in the contest, and I was not able to check my emails during this time. On

ly recently, I realized that I received a “plagiarism” email, which deeply distressed me.

I understand the importance of upholding fair play and integrity in coding competitions, and I want to emphasize that my actions were never intended to gain an unfair advantage but rather to enhance my comprehension of the “Santa and Chocolates (Santa Choc)” problem and others in the contest.

To bolster my appeal, I can provide evidence of my involvement in the Telegram group, the original C++ code I was working on for the “Santa Choc” problem, and a comprehensive explanation of the obstacles I faced during the competition.

I kindly request that you review my appeal and consider reducing the penalty. I genuinely apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding that may have arisen due to my actions, including my accidental involvement in the Telegram group. I humbly request that you kindly restore my rating.

You can reach me at 218r1a05b0@cmrec.ac.in if you require any additional information or clarification.Thank you for your understanding and consideration.Sincerely,Gnana Prakash (gnanaprakash_1).

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It’s no use brother, unless u haven’t copied from some legal source .[ like the logic was available on internet ].

I know it might be some setback if u have been honest but if u know the truth about yourself.
Go for a new start , make a new id ,if u have the skills u can get back everything in just few contests.

Moreover, it will also affect if people will see your profile on long term.[no one will bother to listen even if you are genuine]

keep practicing and keep working hard brother.!!