Implementation of data structures

I just started learning data structures ,I mean the functions and the source code but I cannot understand when and where it can be implemented. So what’s the best place to learn its execution?

What I am going to say is based on my assumption that you are beginner in competitive programming and learning data structures for purpose of improving in competitive programming.

I think you should not learn data structure directly for competitive. Solve questions back to back and learn data structure mentioned in editorials of the questions.

Reasons for this advice:

  1. Data Structures is a very vast syllabus, its difficult to understand which one to learn for which difficulty.
  2. They are more like tools to solve problems, in other words to reduce different operations being performed in approach. But for that you need to first practice breaking problem into different parts and solve them separately.
  3. Generally there are no data structure questions for div2A or div2B. They are mostly sorting or simple observation.

This is my opinion.

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