Important Competitive Programming Competitions

I started doing competitive programming this year and I think that I am not that aware about the various competitive programming competitions that are about to happen this year. Can somebody please let me know what are the major competitions this year and their dates if possible.

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take the first letter of each word of the title of this thread and make a word
Important Competitive Programming Competitions=ICPC
and then ioi is there
etc etc

and also learn how to use google




Hi Kshitij, Venkat here ! Your guidance is helping me lot. All the best for IOITC !!! :grinning:

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Google Code jam.
Google kick-start (8 Rounds)
Facebook Hacker cup
TCS Code Vita season 9
Codechef Snackdown.
Codechef 10 Cook Offs 10 Lunchtimes
100s of rounds on Codeforces.
Top coder SRM’s…
and a lot more.


Very nice observation !

Woahh what an answer

WOW :heart_eyes:

You have strong observation skills, keep it up man :blush:

Also try Atcoder ABCs,they are great for beginners and are organised every Saturday 5:30 PM IST.
Do participate in those Codechef non-rated contests,As a beginner I also learn a lot from them.

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Ya If time allows I will try participating in as many contests as possible and up solving the things.

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