Improve my level in Competetive programming?

I have been doing competetive programming for the past six to eight months,i seem to be struck in a level and i could move forwards.I see myself in the same rating/ranking for quite sometime.
i paricipate in codechef long challanges and mosstly do 4-5 correctly and 1 partially and a challage question

Do i need to know some advanced algorithms or i just need more practice

these are my handles

as you can see my rating is same for quite some time, and dont know how to advance in this.

is practicing set of problems from topcoder/codechef a good idea? and which of thse two sites is better for practice??

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your profile don’t say that you are beginner

Check some problems from a contests which you wasn’t able to solve (but other people solved them quite well). Does their editorial mention some algorithms which you don’t know yet? It will give you answer to “new algorithms or more practice” part.

I would rather suggest participation in contests and upsolving them, instead of solving problems from OJ.


Beginner? -_-
Beginner is someone like me :stuck_out_tongue:

i mean i want to improve i have been in same level for some time , so where should i invest more time ? learning new concepts or practice more…
thats what i want to know

Thanks ! I will do it !