Incorrect constraints in PROCON Junior Jesse Crystal Equation

it is given that x,y,z will be less than equal to 1000 that’s not the case as
I added the condition that if any one was greater than 1000 then don’t consider but when I remove it it got me AC.This mistake in constraints and test data has got me too much penalty(due to WA) which is totally unfair to me and all those who faced this problem.

So the time penalty should be removed from this problem and be 0 for everyone


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Just want to add here that I don’t think the test cases account for the situation when c=0.

Oh… and now after the contest I am looking at the question and getting frustrated upon myself that I read the constraints earlier as z <= 1000. So clearly it was written separately that z <= 1e8.

But then I end up at your blog - which tells me - Oh ; I read that correctly back then ; The question did have wrong constraints… And I never removed the extra condition ( in the contest ) as for me it was perfectly fine and ended up contest without an AC on that question… ( coz never knew what the problem was )

Long submission queues and silly question which I was not able to complete since I added an extra condition because of wrong constraints… yes do something at least for that question…!

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question should be deleted or time penalty should be zero for everyone.I got 11 wa’s because of wrong constraints and you couldn’t solve the question.I believe there would be many more people also who faced this issue

That is not all, O(qn) time solution is allowed in G whereas constraints clearly indicate that shouldn’t be the case.
In C, you are allowed to create a vector of size 10^9/6 without TLE’ing.
In B, the test cases were wrong for around the first 30 minutes leading me to get 4 time penalties despite the fact that my second attempt was perfectly fine.

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that’s why so many AC submission in G…Weak test cases.Ideal approach was segment tree

10^9/6 sized vector how is that possible in 1 second.

Strong test cases must be made and all submissions to be rejudged

Probelms were also easy and easy problems with weak testcases=cakewalk

Didn’t expect such easy problems after seeing 2018 previous questions

I also got 2 time penalties in B due to wrong test cases and 11 in D due to wrong constraints

and problems were taking too long time to judge 10+ minutes

@kshitij_789 I agree with you in crystal equation the Z should be <= 1000 as they mentioned, bt they give test case in such a way that >= 1000 exists, though i look over it just seeing x,y <= 1000, and didn’t care about Z, but that’s not right :upside_down_face:.
The problems were too cakewalk, that also not fair :sweat_smile:.

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weak test cases also is a major problem nowadays


I never even attempted that question since I was not so confident with segment trees and to me ; that was the ideal way of solving it…

I would have taken an attempt on question if there were any partial marking on that question on lower constraints…

But now after seeing your comment I come to know - That there was a partial marking system… and the partial marks were 100 out of 100…! ( or 1 out of 1 )

Not a good contest clearly…!

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I recommend you to learn segment trees they are quite helpful

That’s why i am afraid of doing external contest :sweat_smile: