Incorrect rating dropped

Hi @admin I am seeing in “February Lunchtime 2019 Division 2” contest, I have been plagiarised though I have not made any correct submission in that contest.
Please find the attached screenshots for your reference.

Codechef account Detail:
Name : Prabhash Meharia
Email Id:
Username: prabhash123

Contest Detail:
February Lunchtime 2019 Division 2
(2019-02-23 22:30:02)
Global Rank: 2703
Plagiarised in: Plagiarised in LTIME69B

@admin I request you to please review the above mentioned contest and rating dropped urgently.

@prabhash123 - when you are flagged for plagiarism, you are disqualified and removed from the ranklist. Hence your name isn’t appearing in the contest ranks.

@hrishik85 I understand but in the mentioned contest I have attempted only one question and the solution I submitted is incorrect then how my solution got flagged. -