Incorrect way of adding rating in July Lunchtime2022

In the previous July Lunchtime 2022 i achieved a rank of 197 and i got an increment of only 65 when i had a rating of 1684 and my college mate got an increment of 93 when he had a rating of around 1780 with rank around 240.
I dont understand how the rating increment has been calculated.

New rating system since 2 days:

They basically recalculated everyones rating and everybody now has a public and a hidden rating. They released the hidden ratings.

You can find your hidden rating in their 41MB-downloadable-database:

Your Hidden rating was either below that of your friend or your friend has participated in less contests which will cause his rating to fluctuate more.

This was my 10th contest and 5th contest for my friend is this the reason for fluctuation of ratings increment??
If it is why does the number of contests matter for the calculation of rating

read what I linked above

Okk thanks!!