Increase frequency of short rated contest

This has already been discussed many time before. But on behalf of everyone here, its a request to @admin to please increase atleast one more short contest on codechef.
Out of three rated, Long has already been ruined. So just rating depends on just two contests and we have to wait for more than 20 days to get a short rated contest.
Also, as I see, many cf/atcoder problemsetters like @anton_trygub and 300iq are setting problems here, so I don’t think it would be much trouble to make another short contest(though I maybe wrong here).
Please include atleast one more short contest if not more. Thank you.


Tons of “MOVE TO CODEFORCES” comments on their way

But thats not a solution. Codeforces is a great platform, so why not make codechef better.

it would be better to make 3-4 days contests too , the best part of Long Challenges is the learning curve , you take 2-3 days for a medium/hard questions and do your best by finding the answer for it; you get to learn a lot of new topics on the way too.

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