India and Codechef

Why is it that 98% of codechef users are Indians
Still 0 in top 20



Check at no 21.
Instead of asking why nobody…
Why dont you try for this?


I know it takes really very high amount of dedication and hard work…still the numbers are not that good for such a huge participation…

Because most people ditch competitive coding after getting a job. And being a 7 star within 2-3 years is not a cakewalk.


We don’t have a strong coding culture in our country.

We are generally berated in India for being passionate about anything.

But things are changing!


Yes. Very true.

@vijju123 However, not all. I took up competitive coding after settling down in a secure job :smiley:


Wow man
Much appreciated.
So, if i am unable to solve a problem, I won’t even consult others…
Any way
I’ll take that

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I apologize. I was being rude!

So it’s the approach to CP just as a medium to get jobs is what you’re saying

“We dont have culture” is the worst excuse I heard on many occassions.


I am sorry. I apologize for being rude.

Most people are not interested in pure competitive coding and all the Data Structures whose applications are not there yet. They go into development, Data Science etc. after a point.


Its not an excuse for being a shitty 2-star like me. But to excel, culture is needed. Good thing is that its coming already.

Like @vijju123 said people do lose interest after a while . I may not know about a lot of people , but in my college most of the people were first introduced to competitive programming as a means to get into a good company and during hiring challenges and very few of them continue after they are placed .
Also I believe people are scared of losing rating that they have gained over a long period so they stop after a while , either after achieving their goal ( say reaching 5 star) or after the interest wanes / getting demotivated
And very very few people are dedicated enough to keep at it for years at an end and put in the necessary efforts to get there .
I did some browsing and found a related answer ( it has few of the same points but it’s much better presented :


Great answer man!

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But it is the reality in our country, as not everyone is part of “IIT Culture” especially in coding.

Let me repeat this again for you.
“We dont have culture” is the worst excuse I heard on many occassions.

It is we who cultivate the culture, we create the future we want to see :slight_smile:

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How did you solely get into cp when there’s no one to say it does exist . how did you find out on your own?
ps - i know about cp after reading a quora answer .