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Hello everybody

I just wanted some information that could help me lead to jobs.

I am a final year student from govt college but tier 3 college(NO IIT’s OR NIT’s).
I have worked hard on CodeChef contest by contest to improve my skills at coding and hopefully it keeps improving.
Link to my profile : [Profile Link][1]

All the Companies that comes to our College is with a package of 3-4 Lakhs/per anum with no hard core coders required.
I have already given interview with TCS(Result Awaited), but hopefully I will get in.
I have been shortlisted in MindTree through AMCAT(further rounds will be conducted soon), it also offers a package in between 3-4.

At Codechef there are many professionals who are not from top college yet they have reached the apex position.

I wanted to know how can I get attention of companies irrespective of my college that requires hardcore Coders, so even people like me with skills but not from top notch college have a chance of getting good jobs.

PS: Suggestion of which company I could apply to would be great too.

Thanks and Regards

Vishvesh Bhandari

[1]: vishveshcoder | CodeChef User Profile for Vishvesh Bhandari | CodeChef


Hi Vishvesh,

there are many ways you can apply for companies off-campus , there are few suggestion given below-

  1. Try linkedin-placement , this give you opportunity to get interview with some top-notch companies including linkedin, samsung ,amazon and many others , go to the following link register your self take the test and update your profile on linkedin they will contact you soon , linkedin-placement Last date of taking the test is 23 october.
  2. Give the Google-APAC test, you can get a call from google for the interview through that.
  3. Give Hiring challenges conducted on HackerEarth .
  4. Some companies have direct portal to apply so visit there websites and apply.

According to me some good companies to apply for a job would be - Amazon, Directi,Linkedin, Samsung,
Google,Microsoft,work applications , American Express,


Any other suggestions?

You can try the Company Bots on CodeFights.

They have 13 company bots, each prepared by some company that is willing to hire some “hardcore coders”, for example they have Quora, Dropbox, Asana. You will be given some set of problems to solve and if you will perform better than some predetermined threshold, you will be guaranteed an interview with an appropriate company.

I have not tried them myself, but I have seen a very positive feedback.


In the event that it requests the previous 10 years, I would incorporate it all. The jobs that identify with instructing will indicate involvement with children and true dissertation proposal administration. Indeed, even your eatery encounters will demonstrate that you have encounter managing individuals and general society which will help you when it comes time for managing guardians, colleagues, organization, and so forth. It additionally demonstrates your capacity to issue fathom, arrange and regard power. Good fortunes!

@vishveshcoder Did you get an offer by doing above mentioned things?

Thank you for valuable time.

1.I have already taken the LinkedIn Placement test, that went very well.( I was able to solve both the coding question).

  1. I also tried for the Google APAC Test but I guess I don’t have that great skills( I could only solve 2 questions out of 4).

  2. I tried giving hiring challenges on Hacker Earth but usually they require a experience of 2 or more years.

  3. I am trying for that, hopefully they revert back.

Thank you so much.

I will apply to the companies mentioned.

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Alright Thanks.
I will defiantly give it a try.