Infosys SES ( system engineer specialist) interview (5 LPA) 2019

What , No i didn’t hear this type of news :thinking:

how did you get the opportunity?

Brother from what depth should be prepare our core subjects?? I mean We have to only see the Common asked topics or have to learn deeper

and From where should I prepared for Core subjects, Like for dbms I saw playlist of Sanchit jain but it consists of aprox 100+ videos so how to filter it??

Pls! Can Anyone help me with this…

Just search on google , top interview questions of CN , OS

But prepare very well DBMS , They can go very deep , they can ask about transactions , joins , and they give u some tables and ask u to process the given query ( like joins, cross product , etc ) , so prepare well.

Some of users told me in email infosys said " u can expect interview after 10 days" , if this is the case then u have very less time :slight_smile:

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Your submission has been discarded, which means your one or more solution is caught in plagerism.

Bro please guide me how to prepare for DBMS for infosys, Like I started my Faculty notes which is of 200 Pages which is too more, and I think I have only 10 days remaining so this idea is not possible/optimal, So Can you provide me a short or only useful content for Learning DBMS for infosys???

If I am not do well in SES interview then also they take me or not for Infosys

@arun0209 They will not select you then.

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If I am 50% tell the correct ans then they will select or not in Infosys

bro if the person who attended for SES role if he didn’t perfomed well will ge get chance to sit in SES and how many might get selected in 3k students ? will this covid affect chances of reduction of hiring chances

It’s depend on them , if they find that u r not fit for SES role , then they offer u SE role .

Strong Possibility

how many get hired in SES in 3k students who were called for interview last year …have any idea ?

Can You please tell me when will you get your result and when they call for interview, I mean what is the time you have to prepare for SES

Please tell us on which platform they invited you, either they ask you to code in paper or in which platform and in CORE SUBJECTS what they are focusing.

Also please tell me how they started and what the questions asked to you??? please brother

I hope they ask such kind of questions(SES ones) in Codevita too… I have a feeling interviews will be tough this time :disappointed_relieved:

Anyone got interview call for SES after form fill up?

If Someone is selected for SES, then is it not eligible for College On-campus Infosys Placements???
Actually Infosys came on my Campus and Mail everyone expects few {who clear hackwithinfy}

So What the matter @ssrivastava990 Please clear this confusion.


But Sir, I got mailed from Regarding INFOSYS on-campus and some months ago, I already Got SES PPI, So what Should I do now?

are u selected in SES interview ? and also infosys will give u on campus SE profile isn’t it ?