Infosys SES ( system engineer specialist) interview (5 LPA) 2019

My interview is not done yet, waiting for an Interview Regarding SES and Simulteanously Got A On-campus Mail for Infosys hiring

If college allow give both , simple .

So Should I ask this to my TNP now? Regarding this? or directly mail Infosys and ask?

Ask to TPO/ TNP , no sense to mail infosys .

Bhai You are Awesome , Thank-you for your HELP. One last questions.

Actually Its more than 1.5 month that Infosys mailed for SES PPI and I prepare all the core at that time but Now I don’t exactly Remember the core subjects very well as compare to 1 month ago.
So Should I have to start revision again Or should I Wait Coz I don’t want that Again Infosys again takes 1-2 months and again I loss all the Efficiency in Core Subjects.

Revise again , and again (naukri ka sawal hai , no risk ).

Try this “” Awesome site for mock interview :slight_smile:

@ssrivastava990 is there any chance for Infosys to revoke Off campus role as they are coming on campus…I am confused whether to apply on campus or not for Infosys. Any suggestions?

No why they revoke off campus role ?

I heard such a thing happen with other companies…

(I was Selected for SES Role but the interview date does not arrive).

Brother I Never applied for On-campus but I got Received a Link of INFOSYS ONCAMPUS DRIVE TEST LINK.

I also mailed Infosys about that, But No response from that side.

What should I have to do Now??

Whether I have to participate in their Online hiring test
( aptitude, analytical reasoning, etc) or Not??

Discuss this issue with your TPO.

What is the difference between System Engineer Specialist and Power Programmer? (apart from Salary, i.e. difference in work and training).

@ssrivastava990 I am final year undergraduate (2017-2021). I want to know that will I be eligible for upcoming hackwithinfy or infyTQ 2022? Please answer :pray:

No :slightly_frowning_face:

Is anyone here who cleared both InfyTQ certification and HackWithInfy and got offer form Infosys?

If yes then please tell me if you’ve received InfyTQ Certificate or not. I’ve cleared both of them and got an offer too, but I’ve not received InfyTQ certificate yet. I doubt if its only me who has not received the certificate or there are others too who cleared interview and haven’t received InfyTQ certificate yet.

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Same here bro

I think it’s very tough to implement AVL tree in 15-20 min

same here cleared both and got the offer too but did not receive certificate yet.

I made a compilation of all ses pp interview questions I found on telegram to make a list for my own preparation, sharing it for all now

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@sayan_1999 @itsabi_z1 any updates?
They’ve even released InfyTQ notice for 2022 batch now :sweat_smile:
Did you guys mail them regarding certificates?