Infosys SES ( system engineer specialist) interview (5 LPA) 2019

I did mail them but no reply yet.

How many days they take to give interview results of ses role.

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I gave my coding exam for SES/PP role on 21st Feb 2021. Then I got mail (on 24th March) that have been shortlisted for interview for SES and further information will be shared later. Till not got any update. Any idea anyone.

yes, after giving y interview on 27 march, they sent mail to update profile on infytq in last week of april. On 24th may got mail from clg placement cell that we’ve been placed.

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what kind of questions they asked.?

2 programming qust.
balanced bracket and spot small matrix in big matrix. after i finished coding, he just asked if i’ve worked n some softwares. and that’s it.

I also got selected for SES :smiley:


@duskey congrats bro
can u please tell me the question which they asked
and also can you tell me whether they asked you for your resume at the time of interview or they already had it

They had my resume with them. May be you can give them your updated in the interview itself. He asked me my introduction, about projects, left join and its query with example, aws clouds, 2 tier and 3 tier architecture, client server architecture,what is full stack engineering.

Congrats Bro, After how many days did they shared the results? I have given my interview before 38days still no update. Also they just show application in process in the careers portal.

Does interview process for Digital Programmer/SES is started because just few days ago I got consent form. @duskey I think u r selected for Power programmers because power programmers interview is ongoing right now.

I was interviewed for Specialist Programmer Role (Power Programmer Group)
My interview experience was very bad
he gave me a 1 line introduction of himself and then asked me about myself
then he asked my why headers are used in c and c++ (i didnt mention any of them in my resume. I only mentioned Java, but he asked me no questions from java.)
after I told him about iostream header and why it is used as an example, he asked me what subjects I have studied in university. I asked him should I share my grade history or name a few of core ones? he told me core ones, then I told him os, cn, dsa, daa, dbms. He then asked me difference between half adder and full adder (i didnt tell him about Digital Logic Design subject but he still asked me) after fumbling a little, I told him I cannot answer it. He then asked me what are all the layers in OSI. I answered. After that he asked me about linear probing, chaining, and told me to explain every one of them. I didnt know it. Then he said we are good here. Do you have any questions? I asked him what is Specialist Programmer and what are the key roles. He took about 8 mins and told me some technical/nontechnical terms of which I understood nothing. Then he said HRs will contact me for furthur process and have a nice evening. I wished him the same then the meeting ended.
He asked me no problem solving and programming questions and nothing from SQL and OS.
My guess is I will get rejected. Lets wait for the mail.

is language is specific means if i used python for the coding round then should i also used python here or any language which i preffered