Innerve summer code challenge

Innerve is organising online coding competition - Innerve Summer Code Challenge (ISCC).
Contest link :

Is this a rated contest?

Where can we discuss issues related to the contest ? This contest seems to have many.

Will editorials be posted ?

Contest Page not working @admin @vijju123

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Can anybody help me in finding the bug in my code for question MCQ games?
Link to my code is CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone . I have used (a/b)%mod=(a*pow(b,mod-2))%mod.

I think having a score based ranklist in a long contest makes more sense.

I am sorry but I don’t think there is much issues related to contest.I have solved first 8 problems out of 10 and you have solved the 9th one.I don’t know whether last problem has any issues or not as I haven’t read that question yet.But in first 9 problems questions are pretty clear and if someone is getting wrong answer then the user is simply missing corner cases.

Your code is perfect. But the test files are not. According to the test files, I don’t know why, you should print ‘1’ if k is 1.

The logically wrong code which fetches an AC: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

Again, it’s not your fault, and congrats for solving it.

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Thanks for the information @sarthakmanna.

we should print 1 for k=1 because each question has 1 choice…the one person will always tick that 1 option and will always be correct…In short when k=1 there can-not be a wrong answer for any question and hence 1 person is enough to solve all.

THanks, question 9 can be solved with the help of a merge sort tree. I shall post my solution on GitHub if you want to refer it. :slight_smile:

I am not able to remove errors to Lottery Money and Mathematical Game. :\

According to the question, our task is to “determine the sum of total number of players who has attempted ith question for all (1<=i<=N)”.

Also, in the explanation section, it is explained as “1st question is attempted by 27 players,second by 9 and third by 3 players.So, the sum of total number of players is(27+9+3)=39. The answer will be 39%(10^9+7) = 39”.

Similarly, for k = 1, we can explain as,
1st question is attempted by 1 player.
2nd question is attempted by 1 player.

Sum = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 +… = n

Hope its clear, @swapnil159


Oh!! Okayy…My bad…forgot the summation…Thanks!! @sarthakmanna
Too many confusions in the competition though.