Innocents getting plagiarised START36D 2022

Hi all - I am new in codechef. I started doing contests around a month ago. Today i got a mail about my solution being similar to one other contestant. And yes i agree my code is somewhat similar. But the real issue is the problem in which i got plagiarised is a simple problem with direct approach with couple of lines of codes. Hence, chances of similar codes.

START36D division 4, was my 2nd contest in codechef (1 star coder). I can’t actually explain much.
I just want to know how come there is zero possibility of few lines of code not being similar when there are around 10,000 users attempting it. I think that this Anti-Plagiarism should not be used for atleast Div 4 problems(mainly for simple codes) as there is high chances of similarities.

I have also replied The Chef in the mail about it. Hope i get justice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Below are the codes that got plagiarised. (my code and someone named @anon55306107 kt0601)

Solution: 63753598 | CodeChef -
Solution: 63753577 | CodeChef


@admin please look into the matter.
If this is how the system works then i think i won’t be able to continue in this platform.
This incident made me afraid to participate in further contests, since i code in a very basic manner.

Hi - you will have received an email from the team which manages plagiarism. Please send your appeal on the email → if they find it valid, they will revert the ratings.
Also - please use Updates on curtailing plagiarism - #270 by goutam599 - for posting queries related to plagiarism

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Thanks for replying.

I have already appealed via the same mail (no response yet). And also posted query in the mentioned thread.