INOI 2020 Discussion

All the best to everyone appearing for INOI 2020 tomorrow.
May the force be with you :grin:

Let’s discuss the problems here after INOI.


All the best to everyone for INOI :facepunch::clap:


all the best to all the people who are gonna participate in INOI may india get wonderful coders for IOI


Wishing everyone writing INOI tomorrow best of luck !

Why do these exams not take place in Windows but in Ubuntu ?

Official Announcement : ( from here )

Hope this helps. All the best everyone :slightly_smiling_face: .

I got 62,for some reason my first question’s some cases in 2nd subtask didn’t work. Otherwise would’ve easily scored 132

Can someone tell me what the recurrence relation was for the tiles question SUBTASK 3 where K=3? I just couldn’t get it to work.

How much did you get?

Getting 200

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Someone create the excel sheet please.

Solution for p2 k=3
DP[i] =dp[i-1]+2*dp2[i-2]+dp[i-3]

answer is dp[n]
dp2[i] is the number of ways of to tile a 3i grid with one corner removed and dp3[i] is the number of ways to tile a 3i grid with the rightmost cell removed from first and second row


Getting 135 in pretests.

Cutoff for 12 will be 135 or 200. Gof 132 :unamused:

Cutoff for class 8th in INOI 2020

100 or 132

Cutoff for 10th?

I am in 10th and got 132 in pretests

Cutoff for 9th?

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