INOI 2020 Preparation Help

Hello guys, I am new to competitive programming.
I qualified ZIO 2020, and I am writing INOI 2020.
I learnt C++, till structs, classes and priority queues, and I learnt all the sorting,searching, and Graph Algorithms and Greedy also. I learnt DP too, but not of very high level.
I feel that I have done enough Theory for INOI and hence I can start solving problems.
I am not so-so good at CP, so can anyone please tell me where I can start solving problems from that can boost my morale, and I can enhance my coding skills quickly?

What I would suggest is go ahead to the INOIPRAC contest and chose a year. Try the problems for that year for 3 hours continuously. At night, if you have solved a problem < 100pts, see the editorial and check what was wrong in your code and the way the editorialist has implemented the solution. Tbh, implementation is 75% of INOI. So it will be important for you to learn implementation of all the theories you have learnt.

Happy coding, :slight_smile: :smiley: