INOI 2020 Scores Spreadsheet

Since I didn’t see any Spreadsheet for INOI20 Scores…
Fill out this form
You can see the scores over here
I felt INOI this year was really easy compared to previous years… What about you?


Please sort it and add totalling function

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Why don’t you sort it?

Also add seperate class wise sheets if possible.

can you remove the spam entries which don’t have name mentioned or its written won’t disclose.

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Cutoff has to be >=135

I too agree with you

But, i don’t want it to happen :weary::confounded:

Why is everything being so weird this year
First ZIO cutoff max possible
Then ZCO cutoff min possible
And now INOI lol

I am getting 100. I’m in 10th. Any chances of selection ?? :neutral_face:

Arre its chill, it is the first year only na. On making questions, there can be a change in difficulty level. So its okay.

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Yeah they were fun though. Ik it can happen and not in their control a lot of times.

So I didn’t really like how the sheet looked (Data visualization is important!).
So I made a google sheet that automatically takes data from your sheet and formats it nicely. :P︎

Also, rather than allowing one to enter the score as a number in the form, use checkboxes instead that correspond to each subtask to prevent entries like row 65 in your sheet.

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