INOI problem rating in codeforces

At what level would you rate recent INOI problem in terms of codeforces ratings?

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Somewhere around 1700-1800. INOI1902 was indeed special, and it would be rated in my approximation at 1800-1900.


According to me they are 1900-2000. Coz, I can easily solve a 1800 problem but the INOI problems, they are a bit hard for me.

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INOI DP problems are somewhere around div2d’s on cf. But, it’s not an approximate figure. Notice that cf gives you 2 hours to solve 6 problems, whereas INOI gives you 3 hours to solve 2 problems. So, given the time constraints, the bounds are likely to change.

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Yup, maybe coz I might have increased my capability, div 2d is kinda easy for me. Like in most of the contests, I do div2 d. So maybe the capability has increased from the last INOI. :stuck_out_tongue:

2000-2200 at least