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The test cases are not descriptive enough.
Contest Page | CodeChef
The problem statement is not enough.My code is working yet not getting accepted.

Anagram Checker:

import sys
if(sorted(a)== sorted(b)):
print(“The input strings are anagrams.”)

I even tried std input

3 of my friends stood first, but two of them were denied the prize money without providing any valid reason. Only one of them was awarded the prize-amount, where it was clearly mentioned that first, second and third will get the prize money. @vijju123 please look into this, such campus should not be allowed to host contests on codechef in upcoming times. Ranklist
Post where they had mentioned the prize money details.

Who got the prize, do you know his username?

  1. @aman0309
  2. @ankitroy1602
  3. @iamshankhadeep

I absolutely agree with you! Such competitions should be banned. These type of competitions destroy the image of codechef.