interactive problem MAXEP

What to do when -1 is returned by grader in MAXEP december challenge?

same question?

simply terminate your program

Should we close the program after printing the “3” and “x” output?

In my solution my answer is getting 2 WA in sub task 1 and AC in other 5 , any idea what may be those subtasks ?

When I run out of coins and just print last tried value of y as “3 x” I get correct answers for many test cases that say wrong answer in case I don’t print “3 x” when i run out of coins before getting to answer.

I am getting Subtask1 and Subtask2 correct but getting 4 WA in Subtask3(37,38,43,48).
What should I do?

if done properly you will never get -1 as response so don’t worry about that.