Internal error in MAY17 challenge problem




I get the error “:frowning: internal error occurred in the system” when I submit my solution for the challenge problem. Can someone please let me know what does this mean?

I searched for other similar threads and the replies are that the problem is on server side but I see that others are getting proper verdict for their solutions.



That occurs sometimes when the server might be busy or your internet connection was disrupted.
You just need to reload your page & most probably it will not be like that again.


Yes I am also getting this. @anushi this is not the normal internal error that comes usually which goes away by refreshing. Try submitting a solution.


Turns out it took just a few minuted for the page to work again…!


Even i faced a lot of such errors while submitting solutions for May Long. Kinda frustrating…believe me , at one point i thought that i would exhaust the 500 submission limit because of it XD .

BTW, can anyone confirm if these submissions are counted against the limit? Meaning will these submissions get counted for “You can submit only upto 500 submissions for a problem”?


So what should we do? Even, I am facing the same problem.


I have made 5 submissions but still no change.


I guess it should count, any way I found lesser probable to use more than 50 submissions… I would be tired after 20 or 30 lol…


Actually, when you see that its JUST 1-2 test cases failing, then you are like…kind of too obessed with that problem XD


And 200 for tie breakers.


I think I might face an issue for the tie-breaker thing today. :smiley:


Lmao @mathecodician . Do your best !! :smiley:


:frowning: and this is only 20% of cases…