:( internal error occurred in the system

@admin I am submitting solution for MAXDIFFW but it is giving **:( internal error occurred in the system**. I tried also submitting past accepted solutions to this problem to check if there is any problem with my code only but the error persists. Here is my solution and here is another person solution both are same but old one giving AC while mine giving error. I think maybe there is a problem with the system side because it is an interactive problem and all solutions accepted are 3-4 years old in status bar. Have a look at it admin.

Thanks for reporting. It’s been fixed now.
Some of the old checkers become incompatible over years, and need changes. Please let us know if you find any more such issues.

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Hi @admin, found another interactive problem with checker issue. No one has been able to get AC since last 3 years !!
Problem Link - https://www.codechef.com/problems/CHBLLS

Please correct the issue, thanks.

Thanks, we’ll look into it.

@admin , is this also the case with the following question:

Problem link: https://www.codechef.com/problems/PANDEYJI
all submissions: https://www.codechef.com/status/PANDEYJI

(No AC ever, all answers are either give WA or Compiling error)
Thanks :+1:


Yikes, looks like an internal problem meant for testing was made public by mistake. Removing it.

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okay, thank you!

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Thanks for reporting. It’s been fixed now.

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