Internal error on correct submission

In January Lunchtime 2021, I submitted my code at 23:59:24 and it was in queue when the contest ended. My solution was correct but there was an internal error in codechef. I feel like this is very unfair to me.
my submission link:

Codechef admin team please look into this matter.


The round has been made unrated. It doesn’t matter anyway

I submited it 20 min early but still this internal issue is their. life is unfair my frnd.

Actually this case in particular isn’t too unfair. Your performance in the contest wasn’t affected at all, and after the contest is finished you should be able to ask the judges to run your solution again and retroactively update your place on the scoreboard.

Of course, the people who waited 20 minutes to see if their submissions were correct were affected and it makes sense that the contest was made unrated.

This is exactly what happened with me, I submitted 4th question DREDIV of division 2 almost 2-3 minutes before contest ended and still my code was not evaluated. After the contest was over I resubmitted the same code and it gave AC on all test cases.
This is unfair.

Here’s my code :
Solution: 42107846 | CodeChef