Interview preparation Competition

Description :
Coding Ninjas is conducting an Online Test, “PLACEMENT MAZE”. It is an Interview Preparatory Test and will help you understand the kind of problems that are asked during company interviews. It will have 10 Aptitude Questions, 10 Coding based MCQs, 10 Computer-Based Fundamental MCQs and 2 Coding questions.
The questions are designed keeping in mind the questions asked in Job Interviews of a lot of companies and solving them will provide you with the confidence needed to crack those interviews.

Date: July 31, 2020

Time: 8:00PM to 11:00PM

Test Duration: 2 hours

Rewards :

  1. Rank 1 : Rs.2000(Amazon Voucher)
  2. Rank 2 : Rs.1000(Amazon Voucher)
  3. Rank 3 : Rs.750 (Amazon Voucher)
  4. Rank 4 : Rs.500 (Amazon Voucher)
  5. Rank 5 : Rs.250 (Amazon Voucher)

*** Certificates ***
Certificates for all the participants with their rank and score mentioned on it .

*** Special Discount Coupons on Coding Ninjas Courses for the participants of this event.

Link :

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I can’t find any reward written on that page . can you tell from where did you see that ??

One of my friend who is employee at coding ninja ,he told me about this . I think definitely there will be rewards .

Time: 8:00PM to 11:00PM

Test Duration: 2 hours


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Maybe Time Window.

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That would probably be important to mention in the announcement

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Once took part in interview jumpstart (15 days event) organised by Coding Ninjas, everyday i took part in that event because we were promised to get certificate mentioning rank.
By the end of the contest my rank was below 50.
But at the end what we got, participation certificate only.

Snapshot of the mail i got from them

That was the last time I took part in any Coding Ninjas event.

Anyone gave ?