InterviewBit academy

Does anybody know when interview bit academy will declare the list of selected candidates for its second batch which is going to start from nov 2019??


On their website its showing 22nd by the end of the day.

bro is the result declared?

Yes it is.

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where was it declared?
i haven’t received any mail or it is not showing anything on the website?

I received an email, and the academy web page also shows an option to book a slot for your interview.

how many questions did you solve mate?

and at around what time was the result declared?

did you also got the result for the ib academy test?

got the result?

Not yet. did you?

nope dude
how many questions did you solve?

Don’t worry guys I’ve heard everyone doesn’t get email at once, even i have not received yet

I did four, but not received anything yet.


yeah man same dude
i dont think so we have got in
else they would have informed us

did any of your friends got the mail?

My roommate solved 4.5/5…no mail yet

I solved 5/5, I got the mail, my roomate also solved 5/5 but he hasn’t yet. So maybe they are not sending everyone at the same time

Hey @sorb1997. Did you get an email for Interview or direct selection ? My friend who solved all 5, got an email for Interview while the other one, who solved 4 got an email for direct selection.

Can you specify yours ?

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I got an email for interview, they are asking me to book a slot. Although I solved 5/5, I had a couple of WAs in initial submissions for one or two questions, so, may be they are accounting for that. I am not exactly sure, may be they are offering direct selection to those who solved faster and with good accuracy.