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You explains really well brother

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I did make the observation but then couldn’t come up with the answer directly using O and E (i.e. the third observation), this was a nice question !

Thanks for the explanation @sorb1997 !

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Hey @i_64 how was your interview? What all questions did they asked?

I’m foing the interview noone has joined it though…

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Lol the interviewer joined a little late.

I was asked 2 questions:

  1. number of permutations of “duplicates” with vowels together
  2. NxN matrix initialised to 0. Quesries ci x and ri x are fired. ci x means increment xth row by 1 and for ri x increment xth column by 1
    Find Max number in matrix (only approach, he said he’ll ask code later if he needs, but he didn’t ask)

And other chit chat, like introduce yourself, and rate yourself in coding, and where did you come to know about InterviewBit, and other doubts.

He said he’ll give positive feedback to InterviewBit. You are fit for the course, and disconnected.
Bohot chill tha
6-7 minutes bas

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Is the second question similar to SAKTAN(oct long) ?


lol okay! and what does first question means?

Given string is “duplicates”
What are the number of permutations of this word such that all the vowels are together

4 vowels and 6 consonants in “duplicates”
Think of 4 vowels as a single unit, so arrange 6+1 units/characters in 7! ways and those 4 vowels also generate new permutations by rearranging so multiply your answer by 4!
Answer is 7!*4!


what was your approach for second question?

Map<int,int> r,c
Ri x means r[x]++
And Ci x means m[x]++
Find maximum value in both maps maximum value will be at index of rmax and index of cmax
Lol it was from the oct19 long


I also gave the interview.
He asked me three questions

  1. count the number of bits required to store it.
  2. Find the number of distinct words that can be made from DUPLICATES.
  3. Given a positive number n ( 1<=n<=10^9). Find the number of x that satisfies the following equation: x +s(x) + s(s(x)) =n . Where x is a positive integer and s(x) is the sum of digits of x.

By any chance, was the interviewer Arun Goel??

How did you solved 3rd question?

See as the number can have max 9 digits the maximum s(x) can be 9x9=81 and maximum s(s(x)) can be 9x9=18 so upper bound on s(x)+s(s(x))=81+18=99. So start with number as n-99 and check upto n which all numbers satisfy the equation.

I have not got my result till now.I have visited my dashboard but there is only mention that the result will be announced on 22nd oct. Is there any body else who has not got the result.

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I have solved 3 questions

My friend solved 2 question and got personal interview mail. but I have not any information regarding my result.

Reach out to InterviewBit through twitter, they don’t respond to emails.
If they’ve rejected you they clearly write it on the website we couldn’t accomodate you in the batch or something like that…