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Hello, I was enrolled in Interviewbit(Scaler academy) course in May, 2019. I belongs to tier 3 college. Only companies with max 5-6 lack per annum comes to my college. In a hope of getting into good companies I decided to join Interviewbit. I qualified their entrance test which is hard in itself for many average coders in India. Then in a hope of securing good referrals, I used to maintain my Problem solving Percentage above 80% most of time.

When the time of referral come in september — october 2019, they were saying that, right now companies are hiring for on campus and thus we will refer you around November. I believed them. Continued to solve problems working day and night, burning the midnight oil, just in a hope that if I get a referral of good companies.

Now, when when it is november 2019, they came up with new excuse. They told that we are in talk with top tech companies, you will soon hear good news from us. Then many days passed. Nothing happened. I was still hoping that i will get a call soon. In february, I again asked them, I didn’t receive call from any company. They said let me check.

Next day they told that many companies are now hiring from tier 1 colleges. Once the hiring is over we will refer you soon. Then I realized that they are liars, cheaters. I had only 1 offer from the company which came to my college of 5.25 lacks. I became very disappointed by the response of interviewbit. I started asking for referrals on Linkein. As I was not from a good college, I have only my programming achievements like 5* on cc and expert on cf and kickstart, fb hackercup and codejam ranks which i secured, and projects to show to people whom I asked referral with. I shared my resume with people from companies GoldMan Sacs, Morgan stanley, DE shaw, Amazon, Google, flipkart etc. And to my surprise they agreed to refer me. I will not tell the entire process as it would be too long. Now I have fte offer from a very good company and currently pursuing an intern. The sad thing here is that in the hope of securing referrals of google from Interviewbit, I didn’t applied through careers and now their off campus hiring for 2020 graduates are closed. I asked people from google, 90% of them agreed to refer me, but the problem is there is no hiring for 2020 now. They told me that once you get suitable job ib, please me. I will refer you.

Now, I still have to pay 3 lacks to interviewbit as it was mentioned in the contract that even if you get job yourself you will have to pay them. Even they didn’t refer me in a single company. Such a shameless people they didn’t hesistate to ask money for which their contribution is 0. Now they have removed the cap of 3 lack also. If you secure a job of 16 lacks per annum, you will have to pay 5 lacks to them. Such a huge amount of money for such pathetic things. This money increases with your offer. they are liars , cheaters and fraud. they will have to bear the curse of students.

They have come up with new things in the contract which tells that, you can’t publish any statements against them, which may be a concern to company or company’s product. They don’t want to let their things out to the world, But these duffers don’t know that their are many other means to tell people about their true colors.

Let me also tell you their business model, They will not give you referral till the end of session, and when your end of contract date will approach, they will refer you in pathetic companies with ctc just greater that the ctc they provided in contract. Many students who don’t have the job offer, in desperation agrees to accept the offer and they still have to pay them. This is their fraud model. dont give referralls, and when session comes to end, try to gain from insecurities of students, refer them in some pathetic startups and claim money.

I just want to tell my juniors that if you have talent, you don’t need any other thing. Before joining Inteviewbit I was pretty good in programming. I just joined for referral but they cheated. Please dont let yourself in their trap.

Thank you.


Why can’t you say that with your original id? If you want to criticise someone, do that with your own name and not by hiding in the bush. These fake accounts will never help!

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But the main point is that he/she saying true colours of interview bit / scalar.



I am a student of Scaler Academy and I know how much of it is true. Don’t spread fake news!

Cmon man, everyone is sharing their honest reviews, if they are sharing just let them do it. No point of bullying people around, my frnd. If you dont agree to these rumours then dont pay attention to them,simple.
Happy Coding!


read the third last paragraph.

I saw a similar post somewhere on cf, what exactly is interview bit??

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They teach coding interview(s) stuff to students.

So that is your counter point for the allegations that he had made ?
Please explain “how much of it is true” .

I Just can’t take it dude, Even if he lying about anything then someone from scaler must clarify in public. right ? They must share all the stats of all batches along with some proof and basically get rid off of all these . Why can’t they just do that ?

I am not saying that he is telling the truth but dude he ain’t lying through his teeth either, plus we all know that there is no smoke without the fire .
So admit this fact that, there is definitely something wrong with scaler .

I am not sure about how much of this is true but it’s surely not a good idea to agree to something like a debt trap. I appeared for their test last year, cleared it but finally rejected their proposal to join.

To anyone who’s preparing for interviews, believe me you dont need any such paid resources to ace interviews. There are already many freely available quality resources like LC, G4G, Youtube, CareerCup etc. Use them and work passionately.