Interviewbit Video Editorials

Hi all,

i have started solved video editorials for interview bit problems. Click the link in the below for the entire playlist. i will be adding more videos daily.

Link - Click here


Bro what kind of questions are asked in interviewbit entrance can u please share some link or tell me something about preparation? I am going for october 12

Hi @rawatmannu96

In the test, there are will 5 coding questions and 10 mcq’s

Programming Questions :-

  1. Cakewalk
  2. Easy-medium
  3. Easy-medium
  4. Medium-hard
  5. Medium-hard

For easy-medium, questions are asked from math,two pinters, searching, strings
For medium-hard, they mainly concentrate on dynamic programming

and out of 10 MCQ’s,
DBMS - 5 MCQ’s
Operating Systems - 5 MCQ’s

Please follow my youtube channel (CodeKwik) for solved coding problems and if you have doubt, you can always comment and i will get back to you.

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