Intoduction To Competitive Programming: Lecture(PPT, PDF) series, Beginners

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I have seen there are lots of beginners coming in the world of competitive programming. They don’t know how to calculate complexities for their program, how to get rid of common WA causes. Why they are getting RTE, TLE? etc. So I decided to make a kick start kind of lecture series, which I will be posting in this thread. Hope they will help you to understand the problems and online judge.

1.How to measure complexity of your program, Sorting in O(NlogN) time,
C++ Tricks, Hashing Technique, Brute Force Solutions, Greedy Algorithms.
Prime Check Algorithm O(√N) Time, Sieve of Erosthosthence O(NloglogN)
Time prime finding Algorithm, Tips to get rid of wrong answers
Lecture-1.pdf, Lecture-1.ppt

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