Introducing “Explain your code”

We are pleased to announce that users can now explain their correct solution of a problem. The objective of bringing this feature is to improve learning by understanding others’ codes. Users can explain their code using following steps:

  • Solve a problem on CodeChef.
  • Go to My Submission tab and open your AC submission.
  • Start explaining your code by clicking on the “Explain your code” button.
  • Choose explanation type from the dropdown and select lines from the code editor / edit lines.
  • Write your explanation in the area (This supports markdown / latex).
  • Now your explanation is publicly visible.

Top 5 explained submissions based on their popularity will be featured in the My Submission tab of the problem. Users will also receive badges for explaining their submissions, which will be visible on their profile.


  • Popularity is difference of total likes & dislikes received on the submission. The top submissions with popularity greater than or equal to 0 will be featured on the My Submissions tab.
  • During a contest, you can explain your code after you receive an AC verdict, this submission will appear on Submissions tab to everyone after the contest ends.

Some of popular explained submissions: