Invalid Input file for tasks 3, 6, 7 in Sept Long problem GDSUB

According to the problem statement, all A_1, A2, …A_N integers are provided on one line. But in fact in the input file for tasks 3, 6, and 7 these integers take more then one line. My code checks all the constraints and NZEC when constraints are violated. My very first submission would have been 100% correct had the input file complied with the all specified constraints. But I got NZEC for tasks 3,6,7. It took quite a few submissions by alternating NZEC with WA to find which one of several constraints were broken. I finally figured it out and changed the code to deal with multi-line input. But I guess even if you fix the input file and rerun all my submissions a lot of them will get WA.


tag the admin or forum moderator

i have got same problem in python

I have the same problem and i have not fixed my code to take care of the multi-line input. Will this be corrected, i am also failing 3,6,7 and am fairly certain my logic is 100% correct

Thanks for reporting this. We will forward it to the contest admin, and get it fixed soon.