Invitation for Bitwise 2015 (IIT Kharagpur)

Hello Everyone,

I would like you all to participate in Bitwise’15, a 5-hour long ACM ICPC styled algorithmic programming contest organized by CSE Department of IIT Kharagpur.
alt text

There will be 10 questions of varying difficulties and you can take part in a team of maximum 2 members.

The contest begins at time.
Contest link here

There are prizes worth INR 80,000. But to be eligible for prizes, you have to register here.

The problems have been prepared by Anmol Gulati, Biswajit Paria, Utpal, Arkanath and Sandeep Mohanty. These have been tested by Rishav Pati and me.

For more details visit this or this.

We hope you all participate and have fun in the contest.

Thanks :slight_smile: