Invitation for Encoding APR’20

Hello Coders,
Amidst the quarantine, we are back with another Contest.

Encoding APRIL’20 :star_struck:

DO PARTICIPATE! :grinning:

Encoding is a monthly contest hosted by CodeChef-NSEC. This is a 3hr long coding contest based on algorithms and data structures and aims to encourage participants to apply their knowledge towards problem-solving.

How to participate -
You just need to have a CodeChef username to participate.

Be there on :
Date: 26th April 2020
Time: 5PM - 8PM

Contest Link

See you in the rank list!

Team: @sandeep1103 @akay_99 @arnie8991 @dshahid3801 @shrivas7 @sunitasen

Guys the contest is live!

<Happy Coding :man_technologist:/>



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The editorials are usually made for the rated contests. But I also think that the editorials should be made for theses problems as they were really nice. If not possible for all, please try making them for at least the difficult ones. :slight_smile:

@anon24245385 @agrawall117 we will be releasing video and text editorials soon…just give us a few days. Rest assured editorials will be posted within 3-4 days. Will update the thread then.


How to solve Naruto and Chunin Exams?

Sort the queries in ascending order and solve them offline. Make use of the fact that after sorting, a ninja will kill all the monsters that were killed by previous ninja so no need to start again. For finding how many monsters will be killed by a ninja, do a bfs using priority queue.
This is the intended solution in brief, for a detailed solution please wait for the editorial.

Thank you :slight_smile: