Invitation for ICO Preparatory Series



Hello everyone!

As you might know, the first stage of the Indian Computing Olympiad, the Zonal Computing Olympiad is approaching. Leading to the most prestigious programming competition for school students, IOI to be held in Tokyo, Japan next year. ZCO is to be held on 11th of November, 2017. For more information see the poster below or click here.

I’d like to invite everyone to a series of preparatory contests for the upcoming ZCO/ZIO and INOI. It will consist of short fun unrated contests which will be aimed for school students for preparation for the ZCO/ZIO and INOI. Nevertheless, it will also be beneficial for college students as ICPC is coming up. The contests are unrated.

Details about the series:

  • Contest will take place every friday starting from 13th of October.
  • Further details about each contest will be given as a blog post before each contest by the contest admin.
  • Each contest will consist of 4 problems.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Scoring system: IOI style
  • Difficulty will range from ZCO level to INOI level. That is equivalent to easy-medium in codechef terms. Problems might even have a hard subtask.
Problems would be set by:
1. Istasis [ista2000]( Mishra
2. Udit [mathecodician]( Sanghi
3. Shashwat [harrycoda]( Goel
4. Tanavya [sinbycos]( Dimri
5. Rajarshi [rajarshi\_basu]( Basu
6. Vatsal [vatsalsharma_3]( Sharma
7. Swetanjal [swetanjal]( Datta and
8. Yogesh [yogesh01]( Aggarwal

NOTE: In each contest only two of the setters will be involved and we wont discuss problems among ourselves so the other 6 of the setters may also participate.

You can ask for help regarding problems and discuss problems in this thread or in the contest announcement thread(which will be out later).

Also, please do tell us what do you think about this initiative in the comments. Any suggestions/feedback will be appreciated.

Hope you have a great time solving problems in the contests. :)


Great Job!


Great initiative! When’s the first contest?


Will these contests be on codechef only?


Please try to host them after 9pm because timing is a major concern for many people to take part. :slight_smile:


Thanks! :smiley:


Wish you all the best :slight_smile:


No, wish YOU all the best. :wink: XD


AWESOME! I am looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


Thanks, hope you enjoy the contest. :smiley:


Nice initiative!!
College insems ending on 12th October… Hoping for some nice after exam fun :wink:
Btw will there be official editorials too??


@dishant_18 Yes, we will have official editorials(And we plan to post them right after the contest ends too XD). I hope you like the problemset.


+1 to the initiative :slight_smile: ICPC is coming up and we need such contests :slight_smile: Maybe you can host one contest having ACM style ranklist (just one?)


@swetankmodi Yeah sure, we can arrange for that. I will see what we can do. :stuck_out_tongue:


thank you :smiley: though this will also help a lot since ICPC ones will be tough for me lol :smiley:


13th of this month and it will be made by me and @harrycoda


Sure. Looking forward to it!


Yes. We cannot hold one contest in more than one platform parallely.


Thank you for your suggestion, will take this into consideration. :slight_smile:


Thank you it would be a great help