Invitation for Learn To Compete(Competitive Coding Workshop) Organized by student chapter , ACM-VIT

Greetings from ACM-VIT !:sparkles:
ACM-VIT is ready to test your coding strength via a 12 hour long, brainstorming and competitive code-a-thon - Learn to Compete
Wait! Did you say that you are a Beginner? Don’t worry! Our workshop will cover all the basics to get you started with a skilled competitive programming.
Exercise your finger tips because the questions are professionally created by the finest coders of VIT!

-> In this workshop , you will be taught Competitive Coding(from scratch) and a lot of tips and tricks involved inside it.
-> Lot of important algorithms , with their effective application and when to use it will be discussed.
-> After this, there will be a code-a-thon , where your competitive coding skills are gonna be put to test
-> Compete with your fellow coders and prove yourself to be the best.

You would be glad to know that your participation is gonna get you all of the perks, which are as follows:

-> Interaction with Satyam Jindal(Software engineer at Amazon , 5 stars @ CodeChef)
-> Prizes worth 10k
-> The only workshop + competition Gravitas event for Competitive Coding
-> Learning algorithms from the top tier coders in VIT

So don’t wait for the clock to strike the last hour of the last date. Hurry up and get yourself Registered now!!

Dates and Timing:
4:00 PM 2nd October to 9:00 PM 3rd October

Link for registration:

Steps for registration :
-> Go to the gravitas website mentioned above.
-> If you are not a student of VIT Vellore, kindly register to Non- Vitians option
-> Once you complete the login process, go to the technical events section
-> Register for Learn To Compete and pay a small price of Rs 100
-> Once you are done with that, get yourself prepared for this wonderful workshop.
-> Prizes include merchandise and many more stuff worth 10k

We are sure that you are bubbling with excitement to participate and to be a part of this amazing opportunity. We also know that you would love to bring your friends along with you. What is the fun if you don’t have your friends along? In the given link below, you can provide the names of your fellow batch mates whom you would love to see, competing against you in the event.


Let the excitement in the air prevail and see you soon✨

If you have any more questions feel free to contact the undersigned person or drop a message at our social media platforms.

Sidharth Nahar,
Email :
Phone No : 7383237122
Event Coordinator,
Learn to Compete,
Gravitas 2020,
VIT, Vellore.


Looks Great!!

Excited about this!

This will be a great event guys!

Noice :smiley:

Excited ! :star_struck:

Sounds great. If the prizes are worth 10k, then why wouldn’t people participate. By the way, I’m from IIT Bombay


Oh well well well!! It is back again finally ,after waiting for 1 year!! I remembered the last time i registered at L2C , i really enjoyed a lot!!

This is the one event which made me get into cp last year. Looking forward to pariticipate this year and I’m very much excited.

Excited. Looking forward to participate.

By the way i am from pappu babli college

vit people commenting I’m from IITB. LOL

Yes, they can participate . It will be great learning opportunity for them.

Participated last year, amazing speakers and competition. Excited for this year!!

That’s cool , your college does not matter as long as you are skilled

HOW can i confirm that i got registered for the event?
Do we will get the joining link or something similar when the event will start at our email id?

You will get a message on the registered mobile number as soon as the payment is done. Also you will get a email at the time of event. If still any problems, feel free to contact the number given in the post.

dont know why but getting this when redirected to payment

Payment Gateway Error:

This error has occured for one of the following reasons :

  1. Referrer URL Is Invalid