Invitation to ATMOS Codejam

Hello everyone!

I am delighted to invite you all for ATMOS CodeJam Qualifiers held as a part of the technical fest, ATMOS , organized by our institute BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus.

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The contest will be of 2 hours and you will be given five questions of varying difficulty (Cakewalk to Hard). We have tried our best to include problems such that even novice coders can attempt some problems while even best coders feel stuck at some. It is advised to read the problem statements carefully and have some practice to brush up your skills :slight_smile: .

Contest Link (codechef) :
Contest Link (ATMOS Homepage) :
ATMOS website :

The problems have been set and tested by @rock7lee , @ashishgup, @mahir111 , @icy_noctiluca and @vijju123 .


With ICPC around the corner it is unanimously decided to use ACM-ICPC pattern of scoring. There will be no partial points for a problem.

Whats in it for you?

We have decided to keep monetary prizes for top 3 competitors this time.

The distribution is as follows-1

  1. Rank 1- Rs 7,500
  2. Rank 2- Rs 4,500
  3. Rank 3- Rs 3,000

In addition, we have decided to give following benefits as well-

  • Top 25 participants get selected to Final On-site Round during ATMOS.
  • Top 15 participants will be eligible for free Accommodation and their Registration Fees will be waived.

However, to be eligible for prizes, you need to register at our ATMOS website here and fill this google doc.

Further, on-site presence is necessary to claim the cash prizes for both online and on-site rounds.The on-site round will be held on 28th October and has a prize money of 20k. In case an eligible candidate is not present to accept the prize/perks of the online round, the next available candidate on the rank-list will avail the same.

Lastly, we think it will serve as a good opportunity to practice for upcoming ICPC as well. :slight_smile:

Contest Details-

Duration- 2hrs
Start Time- 20:30 hrs, IST on 15th October, 2017.
End Time- 22:30 hours, IST on 15th October, 2017.

You compulsorily need a Codechef handle in order to participate!!


Do visit:

@vijju123 Please put editorials …

Editorials will be out by tomorrow. We thank you guys for your participation :slight_smile: . Hope you guys enjoyed it!

They will be out. One of the member got an injury, hence the delay. They will be posted, dont worry :slight_smile: