Invitation to Biteration #2 (Rated for Div. 2)

Greetings Codechef Community!

I would like to invite you all to Biteration #2, a triannual event by Sparcity, the Official CodeChef Campus Chapter of Indian Institute of Information Technology, Una. The Contest will be Rated for Div. 2.

The Contest starts on 20th Sept at 21:00 IST. You will have 2.5 hours to solve 6 problems. The ranklist will be IOI style.

The Problems are prepared by Jatin Nagpal, Raushan Kumar, Raghav Bansal, Siddhant Gandhi, Chiraag Mittal and Shweta Gurnani and tested by Jatin Nagpal and Anant Kumar. I’d like to thank Arjun Arul and Codechef Team for providing feedback and suggestions about the problems.

There are Goodies for Top 5 Indian Participants (Div.1 & Div.2 combined). Please check the contest page for details.

Here’s a link to our previous iteration:- Biteration #1

We hope u’ll have an amazing time :wink:. Good Luck & Have Fun!!!

UPD: The Scoring Distribution for Max Points per problem will be announced just before the contest starts on the Contest Page itself.

UPD2: We’d like to know any feedback from Ur side for our future iterations of Biterations to come


So we will get partial points as well ? :slight_smile:

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Yup, Almost every problem has subtasks.

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All the Best. :slight_smile:

Fk this 20 chars limit.


If a Div 1 guy takes part, his ratings won’t be affected? Will he be visible in ranklist?

This might be a stupid question :stuck_out_tongue:

But I just started CC 4 months ago🤣 so plz tell me someone


Yup, Div. 1 Ratings won’t be affected.
Div. 1 users won’t feature in the live Ranklist during the Contest shown on Codechef. Although combined Ranklist would be published after the Contest for Prizes.

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I guess they will remove this feature and it is in their pipeline :slight_smile:


@anon55659401 We’d also be having a varied score distribution for max points per problem.

Hey, please explain in detail, did not really understand that sentence.

Also, as @nagpaljatin141 is the organizer, contesr is gonna be awesome. We aren’t worried about anything :slight_smile:

@anon55659401 It means that points alloted for passing each test case for any problem may or may not be 100 pts. The Max points per problem (points after passing all test cases) would follow a varied distribution.


So, it means every problem has a different value…just like cf right ?

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Technically, It won’t be CF, since points per problem won’t decrease with time, and there would be subtasks as well, but rest is same.


But I hope all points for a problem will be mentioned like:-
1st problem-20;
2nd problem-40; etc…etc.


By when will we get the tshirts?

I can’t guarantee any exact date, but we’d try to dispatch it to the winners as soon as possible.
For now, Enlighten us with any feedback for our future iterations of Biterations to come

Have you also participated?

@nagpaljatin141 look into this Algorithm to list solved problems in Partially Solved/ Fully Solved is incorrect

Please do something about server load. All the time, we were getting it and it reduces the rank for no reason.

Also, in the 3rd problem(MATHL), brute force gives TLE for 1st substask.
And, many things in the 2nd problem were unclear.
For this case:-
1 1 1 1 1
Would ‘A’ eat up all the boxes or only “4” ?
Those who assumed 1 thing got AC and those who assumed other, got WA. It was more of dependent on luck.

According to my knowledge, everything in the 2nd Problem was explained in atleast one of the lines in the problem statement.
U can ask me any case, and I’d explain it from the problem statement itself.
About the case 1 1 1 1 1 1, A can’t eat all boxes, because both won’t reach the last box at the same time, B reaches at exactly 0 time, how can u assume that A would also reach there at 0 time, since he needs to eat 4 boxes involving 4 candies before?


“A” can reach there in no time because he takes no time to move from 1 place to another!!!

(I asked you in comments, you replied to everyone except me!! :stuck_out_tongue: )

But it was nice contest :slight_smile:

Waiting for Biteration #3 :slight_smile: