Invitation to Brute Force 1.0

“It was easier to know it than to explain why I knew it”. Sherlock was probably talking about greedy algorithms when he said that.

Greetings from Bit-Legion, IIIT Pune!
We would like to invite everyone to participate in the first iteration of our biannual coding contest - BruteForce 1.0, an unrated 2.5-hour contest and which will take place on Saturday, 4th of September 2021 from 20:00 till 22:30 IST.

The contest will have 6 problems with varying difficulties

Prizes:CodeChef Laddus for top 3 global and top 1 IIIT-Pune students.

Contest Link : Brute Force 1.0

Problem Setters: still_me | reyaan44 | lightspeed11
Problem Tester: jay_1048576
Admin: nishitsharma03

Good Luck, we will see you on the leaderboard.

Editorials for all problems will be posted shortly after the contest.

P.S. The theme is Sherlock this time, hence “The Game is On”.


“Elementary my dear Watson”


The quality of questions is great. I urge everyone to participate!



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A great problem set for every coder, from 2* to 6*, The problems are diverse and interesting. Hope you guys will give your best and try for maximum participation from your colleges.

Excited for this :tada::fire:

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Stop spamming

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Only an hour is remaining :partying_face:, we hope you are ready.
Contest link : Contest Page | CodeChef
:alarm_clock: 8 P.M. IST Tonight.
See you all there…